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Baby Your Body!

The Best Body Oil gently hydrates and nourishes skin

During your pregnancy, your skin can begin to change.  Hormonal changes, stretchiness and new reactions to certain foods often become noticeable.   You're smart, so you know not to reach for just anything on the shelf…  You know that what goes on your skin, the body’s largest organ (yes, even compared to your ever-growing uterus) absorbs EVERYTHING that you put on it… rather, INTO it.

Seni Naturals Best Body Oil is safer, insanely effective and surprisingly lighter than you initially think.  Because it doesn’t require water, it doesn’t require preservatives.  You know, the chemicals that lotions require to keep them from growing mold (ew!).

When used immediately after your much appreciated shower, you know that it soaks into your skin and leaves it hydrated and softened throughout the day.   You may have achy joints, a soar back and an ever-changing center of gravity, but you also have amazingly nourished and baby-soft skin.  Smart Mommy!


Use Seni Naturals Best Body Oil to safely moisturize skin: 

  • No synthetic dyes or fragrances
  • No parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS
  • Hypo-allergenic and safe for moms-to-be…and baby!
  • Made from fair trade ingredients with no animal testing
  • Rich in vitamins, essential oils and organic fatty acids for nourished skin



When you use Seni Naturals Best Body Oil to nurture your skin, you’re hitting the motherload of all skincare ingredients:

  • Our proprietary blend of Omegas and fatty acids and oils packed with vitamins and minerals: intense hydration and skin repair without the use of chemicals or preservatives
  • Organic Rosehip Oil: promotes cell regeneration, repairs skin surface & restores elasticity
  • Lavender: increases circulation and healing to skin’s surface while providing a calming scent
  • Calendula: effectively repairs skin surface, deeply soothes and increases skin regeneration
  • Chamomile: calms and soothes skin while reducing inflammation
  • Vitamins A, D and E: promote skin elasticity, encourage health cell production and repair damage to the collagen layer
  • Vitamin C: helps to smooth out uneven skin tone and brighten skin appearance

The refreshing scent soothes morning sickness symptoms for moms-to-be and invigorates new moms who have been up all night!



DIRECTIONS: After showering, massage Body Oil into skin using circular motions.  A little goes a long way. For intense hydration, apply while skin is still damp.  Now breathe deeply and smile – you’re a Mother!

THE MOTHERLOAD OF SKIN INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil*, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil, Sesame Oil*, Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender Essential Oil

*Organic ingredients



  • For the best results, use immediately after towel drying skin after your shower and rub into you skin well.
  • Let Body Oil dry completely before dressing (it only takes a few minutes).


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