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A Message From The Founder


Welcome to Seni Naturals!

I recently recorded this Live Stream Video with some of my awesome Seni Naturals fans to share a quick overview of what "green" changes I made during each of my pregnancies.

I wanted to include it here, especially for those of you who are newer to the green world or are wondering what changes you can adopt and how committed you should be in the long term (i.e. after you are no longer pregnant).

I get it! I was there, too.

Here is my philosophy on going green and what changes you might want to keep around for the life.





Take the first steps...


Stretch Marks

Determined to avoid stretch marks?  We've got you covered.  

Seni Naturals Beautiful Belly Butter and Trimester Stretch Mark Prevention Bundle are both loaded with a proprietary blend of essential fatty acids, natural emollients and vitamin rich oils to keep your Baby Bump protected:

  • Organic Rose Hip Oil: promotes cell regeneration and aids in repair of skin's surface
  • Lavender: increases circulation and healing to skin’s surface while providing a calming scent
  • Limonene: promotes circulation and blood flow to surface of skin for optimal repair
  • Vitamins A and E: promote skin elasticity and healthy cell production while repairing damage to the collagen layer
  • Vitamins B and D: reduce scarring and improve the overall health of skin
  • Vitamin C: lightens appearance of existing scars and stretch marks and smooths out uneven skin tone



Hormonal Acne

Want that beautiful pregnancy glow without all of the chemicals?  

Avoid hormonal acne or clear up existing complexion issues while warding off wrinkles and fine lines.  

Sound too good to be true?  Not for you, Mommy.  From our Deep Pore Clearing Mask to our Anti-Blemish Face Wash & Treatment to our Smoothing Scrub, you're left with no toxins to worry about and the beautifully glowing complexion you deserve.

Manage Morning Sickness Naturally

Of course we've thought of that!  

Just because you're diligent about toxins and chemicals during your pregnancy (and in your lifestyle), doesn't mean that you are at the mercy of hormonal symptoms such as nausea, migraines, fatigue, hormonal emotional rollercoasters and sleeplessness.  

Yes, you heard that correctly...  We've developed products to naturally & safely help you deal with the hormonal symptoms of pregnancy.


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