The Story of Seni Naturals



Who are we?

Meet Seni and her Mommy, Swati Davidson. 

Like you, when Seni’s Mom was first pregnant, she was overjoyed at the new prospect of becoming a mother!  She had waited a long time for this and she was determined to make all of the right decisions from the start in order to ensure the safety of her baby.  You know, the things that already conscientious Moms-to-Be like you want to do…  She felt the same way as you!

You are in the right place if:

  • you are pregnant
  • you want to learn more about what is safe vs. what isn’t safe
  • you would like to ensure you are making the healthiest choices in the easiest way possible
Seni Naturals is a bath, body and beauty company devoted to making skin care products that are safe for pregnant & nursing women.  The products are so safe that even sensitive baby can use them! 



Why did we create these products?

After researching the industry, Seni’s Mom was left with a lot of unanswered questions.  Like many of you, she was left with more uncertainties about chemicals and toxins.  As a lifelong beauty junkie, she loved her cosmetics, hair and skin care products.  She also worked hard to have healthy skin and knew she did NOT want stretch marks if she could help it.  She also did NOT want to trade in her old favorites for products that were inferior or less effective!  Luckily, she found solutions that worked even better!



How did it all begin?

It was through this journey of learning, testing and finding out what worked that Seni Naturals skin care was born.  Seni Naturals started with just one product: the Beautiful Belly Butter.  It worked!  It even faded pre-existing stretch marks from puberty and earlier weight fluctuations. 

Eager to share, Seni’s Mom began selling them locally and to friends & family and soon discovered that she wasn’t the only one who found it to be so effective.  With that success, she marched on and decided to share her expanding skin care line with other Moms and Moms-to-Be. 


Seni Naturals now proudly offers belly & body products as well as a complete line of luxurious skin care.  They also have an amazingly effective lip care line and even homeopathic aromatherapy products designed specifically to address pregnancy related symptoms.  Seni's Mom is proud to stand behind all Seni Naturals products because she knows that they not only work, but are 100% toxin-free and ethically crafted.  



Our promise to you is simple

At Seni Naturals, you will find safe & effective skin care made with:

  • All natural and non-toxic ingredients from Mother Nature
  • No synthetic dyes or fragrances
  • No parabens, phthalates, petroleum or SLS (for starters)
  • Hypo-allergenic formulas that are safe for Moms-to-be…and Baby!
  • Fair trade ingredients with no animal testing

All of our products are hand crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients and packaged in UV-protective containers in order to ensure the sustained quality of the products.



Start your journey today

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