Using Oil to Cleanse Your Face


Have you cross over the oiler side yet?  No seriously, you don’t know what you’re missing!  Believe it or not, washing your face with oil is a good thing!  In fact, for those of you suffering with the hormonal fallout of pregnancy, nursing or the weaning process, it’s a damn great thing.


Using Oil to Cleanse Your Face



Oil on skin?  Isn't that bad?


Why thank you for asking.  So we’re all familiar with the Law of Attraction: “Like attracts like.”  We know it, we get it.  So this is the same concept as using the Oil Cleansing Method to wash your face.  Oil will dissolve the oil within your pores much better than any soap will.


I know, it’s a scary thought at first.  If you had told me a couple years ago that I would be wearing a oil based serum on my greasy skin or that I would even be washing my face with oil… well, I would have thought you were insane.



Still curious?


Acne, blemishes, cysts, pimples, zits, whiteheads, blackheads… these are all caused by clogged pores from a build up of dead skin cells gone haywire, bacteria and even food or hormones (meaning it’s caused by something within you).


What doesn’t cause them?  Applying natural oil on skin.


Now, those of us who have naturally oily skin (I'm thinking of me, the greasewell) will actually benefit from cleansing with oil.  For one, oil dissolves oil.  But more importantly, use of drying and harsh soaps with additives will strip oily skin down and send signals to your face to create even more oil as a compensation.



How does it work?


Still with me? First let’s examine the ingredients.


Oils that are great for cleansing:

  • Castor Oil: highly anti-inflammatory and effective at displacing oil (warning, It’s super thick so we dilute our cleansers with other beneficial oils)
  • Sunflower Oil: penetrates pores well and is loaded with healing & repairing vitamins


At Seni Naturals, we also include these oils & ingredients in our Oil Cleanser:

  • Hemp Seed Oil: this rich oil is repairing and excellent at dissolving dirt & bacteria in pores, but is completely non-comogenic
  • Avocado Oil: rich is vitamins – our go-to for all-things skin care
  • Calendula & Chamomile: soothing and repairing for the skin
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil: potent healer for all skin ailments ranging from acne to psoriasis
  • Lavender Essential Oil: an acne fighter and anti-microbial


Oil Cleansing Method in 3 Easy Steps



The steps to Oil Cleansing:


Step 1: Start with a dry face.  Massage oil into skin using circular motions.  You’ll want to do this for a couple minutes, especially if you’re wearing a full face of make up.  You’ll also want to work it in well around the eyes in order to loosen and remove any mascara.


Step 2: Get your running water nice and hot (but still cool enough for your face).  Take a wash cloth (avoid white!) and dampen it completely under the water.  Hold just above your face for a few moments so that the steam opens up your pores.


Step 3: Put the wet washcloth directly on your skin, hold for a brief moment and then begin to wipe off all oil.  Since the oil is now holding your make up, dirt and yuckiness, that will come off as you wipe away all oil.


After this, I follow up with a rinse of my mild Anti-Blemish Wash.  This is because I have a toner and oil serum that I prefer to finish up with.  You may choose to leave your skin as is because you have naturally dry skin and wish to enjoy the benefits of your chosen oils.


The best part: no chemicals, no preservatives, no toxins, no nasties!  Oh, and healthier, younger and more nourished skin.


Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!


XO, Seni's Mom




  • October 19, 2016
  • Swati Davidson
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