The 411 on Stretch Marks



So, you’re interested in avoiding stretch marks?  Aren’t most of us pregnant people?  Hey, I even know people who are not pregnant, but working out all of the time or experiencing weight fluctuation and they’re on the anti-stretch mark bandwagon, too.


And rightfully so!  I got them in my teens and 20’s due to weight gain and loss from either competitive sports or nasty yo-yo dieting and even body shape changes from late puberty.


Let me tell you, armed with past experience I knew that I did NOT want them on my poor tummy from pregnancy.  Knowing that I was susceptible was a strong motivator, but my love of two piece bathing suits was another.


The good news is that if you’re in the market to avoid them altogether or get rid of old stretch marks, I can help you!


Preventing Stretch Marks Naturally


The quick "Hows" & "Whys" of stretch marks


As most of you already know, stretch marks are the result of tearing in the middle layers of the skin due to rapid changes in your body size and weight.  The more extreme the weight change, the greater the size (ahem, preggo belly much?) and you can basically think of it as scarring so it isn’t easy to reverse.  To make matters a little worse, pregnancy hormones soften the skin making it easier to occur.


Whether or not you can and will get them depends largely on your skin type, the elasticity of your skin and your genetics.


How can I prevent them?


I’m so glad you asked.  


The foolproof treatment we've created is:  The Trimester Stretch Mark Prevention Bundle.  


The tried and true method that we’ve developed is: consistent use of our proprietary treatment from the time your belly pops in size (approximately 8-12 weeks) to roughly the end of your 4th trimester (about 8-12 weeks after baby is born).


The starting and end times of your treatments depend on:

  • your body type: how your body responds to the pregnancy (i.e. did you gain 60 pounds like me or are you a teensy weensy preggo chick)
  • whether or not it is your first pregnancy: after the first, your belly pops out much faster
  • how you deliver your baby: women who get c-sections often do not see their belly start to shrink closer to it’s original size for much longer
  • how your body behaves following the birth: depending on your body type, you may fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes within a couple of weeks or you may take months and months (like me!)


Applying it everyday is crucial and we recommend using it once in the morning and once at night.  During the day, particularly in periods when your belly is in a growth spurt, you will experience itchiness and irritation as your skin stretches.   Anytime you feel the itch, you must apply!


Keep it in your bathroom, on your bedside and around the house.  Seriously, it will be your new quickie 30-second ritual.  You must be consistent for guaranteed results.


How does your treatment work?


Our Trimester Stretch Mark Prevention Bundle incorporates fatty acids, natural emollients and vitamins (A through E) as well as limonene:

  • keep skin supple & increase your skin’s elasticity
  • improve healthy cell production while repairing damage to the collagen layer as a result of your skin stretching
  • prevent drying and itchiness that contribute to the tearing
  • increase repairing blood flow and healing circulation to the skin’s surface
  • lighten the appearance of existing scars while evening out skin tone


The formula includes FIVE butters and ELEVEN nourishing oils along with calendula, vitamin E and lavender and lemon essential oils.


Stretch Mark Prevention Treatment


Can I erase existing stretch marks?


Over time, stretch marks will fade in color to a similar hue of your normal skin.  You will see mark, but it will look more like a line of a different texture than that of your skin.  Using vitamin rich butters and oils will greatly help lighten the mark as your skin softens, becomes more elastic and your circulation to that affected are improves.


You can also get laser treatments or try a DIY method of repair at home using a dermaroller.


Have more questions?


Please feel free to reach out on social media or just email us.  Seriously, we can talk our heads off on the subject and are always so thrilled to be able to help a preggo Mom when it comes to the topic.


Remember, at the end of the day, you’re a beautiful Mom creating a new life.  Stretch mark or no stretch mark, always smile knowing that!


XO, Seni's Mom








  • November 15, 2016
  • Swati Davidson
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  • January 10, 2017
  • Bernard Mays

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