Protect Your Family from the Sun... and from Sunscreen Toxins


Sunny days are the best Seni days!  Our family loves summer, but both Seni and her Dad have the fairest skin ever. 


Safe Sunscreen for Your Family


Yes, it’s hard to believe Seni’s part Filipina with that pale skin of hers, but she gets it from her Daddy!  She also inherited his tendency to sunburn so protecting her skin is a MUST MUST MUST


Chasing her around with globs of sunscreen isn’t the only challenge this Mom faces.  Finding a truly non-toxic and highly effective solutions is actually the hardest part.


Not to worry, we’ve done some research and we’re here to break down:

  1. The new convenient bottles that are not worth it (Hint: they’re bad for your family)
  2. What NOT to use and why (a.k.a. Nasties)
  3. What to use instead (YAY!)



Safe Toxin Free Sunscreen Guide for the Family



    Say "No" to Spray-able Sunscreen


    Before we roll out the Sunscreen offenders list, please take note that while the new trend of spraying on sunscreens may feel convenient and easy, it’s not exactly safe. 


    Sure, it coats on the SPF, but it also releases tiny particles of product into the air… the air that you immediately breathe in or that touches your eyes and those around you.  (Yes, even if you close your eyes and hold your breath for an insanely long time.)


    So sadly, aerosol spray-able sunscreens are a NO-NO


    Commercial Sunscreen Toxins


    Okay, on to the main event. 


    Here’s what you NEVER want in your sunscreen: Octinoxate, Homosalate and Oxybenzone.  They absorb into the skin and circulate through the body while altering your normal hormone functionality.  


    The bottom line:  each of these is toxic and has been linked to major hormone disruption and, in lab studies, birth defects.  


    Sunscreen Ingredients to Avoid


    Use This Instead


    Use SPF products with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide since these two don’t penetrate the skin.  Again, NO sprays! 


    We like:

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    Safe Sunscreen Coola Think Baby Goddess Garden Badger Raw Elements


    One last note about protecting your infant or baby’s skin:  Babies under the age of around 1 year (please consult your pediatrician) can’t use sunscreen at all. 


    So no playing in the sun for baby and call your little one’s doctor for more info.


    Safe Sunscreen for Babies No Chemicals or Toxins 


    As always, going green is a gradual process in which small steps lead to big changes.  Don’t freak, just replace your next empties with greener products and feel good and grateful for your newfound knowledge.


    Have a fabulous summer playing with the fam!


    XO, Seni's Mom




    • July 27, 2016
    • Swati Davidson
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    • July 27, 2016
    • Mary Lacock

    As Seni’s grandmother, I’m so grateful that she has a mother who is watching out for her skin care and her health. And after reading this blog, I immediately checked the sunscreen on my shelf and found some of the no-no ingredients. I threw them away, along with some of the spray sunscreen. Thank you.

    • July 27, 2016
    • Theresa

    No more spray sunscreens for me :)
    Thanks for the list of what’s good & safe to use!