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So when I was pregnant with Seni, I had thick and lush hair.  The folic acid, prenatal vitamins and hormones were kind to my locks.  This also included long eyelashes!


Now, when I nursed her after childbirth, well….that was a different story.


You could always find clumps of hair in the shower, all over the bathroom floor, pretty much everywhere.  It kind of traumatized me until I found out it happened to almost everyone else in my shoes.


With this pregnancy, I’m not feeling so “hairy.”


For some reason, my eyelashes are a no-go.  Not only are they not long, but they seem to be sparse!  Falling out, actually.  Stubby.  (Can you tell I hate it?)


So, obviously I’m looking to beef them up and get them going.  In the meantime, I’m sure many of you have noticed that I’m sporting “falsies” in most of my videos.  Yeah…


Here is why naturally promoting growth is important and how to do it.


Eyelashes Castor Oil


Why Natural?


So as a beauty junkie who didn’t used to be green before Mommyhood, I used Latisse in my former life.  A few times, actually.


I have to say, there is a period where it was awesome.  This is just before it got a little out of control and I couldn’t wear my glasses without my eyelashes brushing up against the lenses.  Yes, that’s how long they get….and quickly!


However, if you read the panel, you will find that it is a “Class C Drug.”  What does that mean?  Here is the link.  Now, let me go on the record saying: I’m not a doctor.  You are free to make your own choices and research to draw your own conclusions. 


All I know is that there are no pregnancy-safety type tests.  My sis-in-law is a doc and she says that’s standard practice because companies generally don’t like to test these types of things on pregnant women where fetuses could be harmed when unnecessary.  Meaning: why find out bad news on something when you can just say, “Don’t use it if pregnant or nursing.”


Which is basically what docs in various forums that pop up with a simple Google search will tell you.


I think it caused some serious fetal issues in pregnant lab rats, according to my research.


Another downside of Latisse is the reported incidents of it turning iris pigmentation from lighter shades (like blue or green eyes) to brown.  Like, permanently.  


I know, it's freaky.  As someone with brown eyes, I'm more than happy to welcome you to the club, but how sad!  


Anyway, good reason to go green, right?


What Should I Use?


Well there are some other vegan or greener products on the market.  They’re not exactly “cheap,” whatever that means to you.  So….


Castor Oil!  This wonder oil is all you need!  One swift search in YouTube will present a number of tutorials.


I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, minus a few days sporadically where I forgot to use it.  Once a night only.


Just take organic and cold-pressed Castor Oil and sweep it on your lashes, just above your lash line and even on your eyebrows if they’re in need of added growth and thickness.


It naturally does that:  thickens and grows.


There are recipes on Pinterest that include other oils and vitamin E. I don’t think it’s necessary.  Just use castor oil.


Also, you can find the applicators or wands here.  Or even purchase a complete all-in-one kit with everything you need.


Castor Oil Amazon Eyelashes


Warning: don’t get into eyes.  Although it doesn’t cause harm, it is uncomfortable.


I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes over the next several weeks.  Until then, falsies (with green and safe glue, of course).


XO, Seni's Mom



  • January 19, 2017
  • Swati Davidson
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