Natural Aromatherapy for Moms


When you’re pregnant, there are a whole slew of medications that you shouldn’t or can’t take.  Read this for more, but among the list are Aspirin, Ibprofen, decongestants, etc….plus the meds that you add on to the list because you’re a crunchy Mom like me and want to “play it safe.”


But even when I’m not pregnant, I really hate the idea of popping a pill unless I absolutely really need it.  Usually, I try to find homeopathic methods first before I move on to the benefits of modern medicine.


Note:  I am not one of those peeps who shuns it or anything, I just like to go au natural first before taking medicine.


So how do you combat the ol’ hormonal migraine, pregnancy nausea, gnarly congestion or sleep-depriving anxieties?


We’ve got a few answers and they’re all natural and 100% safe for you and Baby.


Essential Oils Alternative for Pregnancy


Essential Oils


Not too long ago, these were not on many of our radars yet, but now they are everywhere.   And for good reason: essential oils have countless benefits and have LONG been used in Eastern and alternative medicine.  From antibacterial benefits to immune boosting aid and help with digestion or insomnia, these babies can do wonders.


Get Started

Essential Oils Resources, Brands: Where to Start


I encourage you to check out these websites to explore more:

I also bought the book Essential Oils for Beginners years ago and use it as a reference all the time.  It's a good book for those who are just getting started with the topic.

These references can get you going on basic essential oils to purchase, what to look for and some everyday household uses either for skin care, health or cleaning.

In the next week, I’ll be posting on a few of my favorite and VERY versatile essential oils and how I use them both in the products and throughout my family’s everyday life.


Where to Buy


I’m lucky that I have access to top quality oils and supplies through my wholesale ingredient distributors and manufacturers.  (PERK!)


However, I get that this is probably not the case for you.  Have no fear: I have a couple of great resources for you:


You should also check out Janny Organically’s blog post where she vets a lot of the available sources for you with well-thought out reasoning and recommendations.  There's also another post where she shares her criteria for a good-quality essential oil.


In the meantime, I can’t wait to share more with you in the next few posts! Look for them in the coming week along with a video on the topic.


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XO, Seni's Mom




  • January 04, 2017
  • Swati Davidson
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