Meet Sylvia: Emergency C-Sections, Adjusted Birth Plans...AND Venue Changes



Sylvia is a Mom with quite a story! As if two emergency c-sections were not enough to really test a Mom’s limits on flexibility and “going with the flow,” the routine prenatal check up during her pregnancy with her second moved doctors to order a c-section for that day! With no notice and her chosen hospital fully booked, Sylvia had to tour and pick a hospital, run home and pack, find care for her toddler and head in for her second cesarean. (It makes my blood pressure go up just to type this!) Luckily her baby boy, Bennett, is healthy and just hit 4 months old!



Her first birth, like with many c-section Mommies, was intended to be a vaginal birth. However, when her water broke at 34 weeks and after 24 hours of labor, her daughter’s heart rate dropped dramatically. She successfully delivered her beautiful daughter, Anna, 25 mintues before Sylvia’s birthday! Happy birthday to her!


Sylvia describes her recovery experience with both as painful, but she luckily knew what to expect the second time around. “It really limits your movement… Having a toddler also made it a bit more difficult.” She admits she was much more diligent the first time with using Velcro wraps to “help get everything back into place quicker.” With the challenge of caring for her newborn AND a toddler the second time, she found less capacity with such endeavors.


Her advice to new c-section Mommies? “Don’t push it – you are recovering from a major surgery!” She urges other Mommies to take it easy for the 6+ weeks that doctor’s widely recommend and to accept all (or even any) help from family or friends. She even suggests hiring someone for at least the first month if this is the only way you can avoid injury. After interviewing several other Moms who were in Sylvia’s position, we heard many describe incisions bursting and some even ended up back in the hospital from overexerting themselves, so this is great advice.


Sylvia adds that if you have a high bed, “consider sleeping on a lower couch for the first few weeks.” After struggling to get out of bed with my first c-section, I back her up 100% on this one.


And, of course, she adds to “wear that wrap around your waist.” Remember that during a c-section, parts of your body are literally moved around. These wraps ensure that things heal properly and have a high success rate with recoveries in terms of speed and efficacy.


Thank you Sylvia for sharing your story and advice. After overcoming such dramatic circumstances, we are truly in awe!


XO, Seni's Mom



  • April 18, 2017
  • Swati Davidson
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