Meet Renee: Taking an Inspiring Stand for C-Section Mommies Everywhere



As with so many other Moms, Renee’s planned c-section was a life saving decision. Her first baby, Calen, was breech and Renee was diagnosed with placenta previa so the procedure was an absolute necessity for both herself and her son.


My favorite part of interviewing Renee is hearing her stand for c-section Mommies everywhere, particularly those who have had others question their procedure or their decision to not have a VBAC with later pregnancies. (This happens to me all the time.)


“One does not receive a blue ribbon for having a VBAC….Having a c-section does not make me less of a Mother because I did not deliver my children vaginally.” Amen, sister!



With her second baby, daughter Reagan, she was considered advanced maternal age and it had only been 2 ½ years between deliveries. However, at 33 weeks pregnant, doctor’s found that she was already measuring 40 weeks and Reagan was already 6 pounds! So another c-section would have occurred regardless of any change in birth plans from her first. These are just some of the many reasons why doctors urge patients to have planned c-sections with subsequent births and strongly advise against VBACs…sometimes it isn’t a medical choice.


Renee’s recovery experiences differed and were not without challenges. Although she says that the first was relatively easy, she did have an infection at the incision site that required antibiotic treatment.


Her second c-section, like with many other Mothers, was more challenging as she had a toddler to care for and chase around. Her poor son wanted to be held and picked up and was too young to understand that Renee was unable to do so.


Renee’s advice to new c-section Mommies? “Remember to take your pain medications and to get up and walk a lot, because each time it does get easier.” Both of these are solid pieces of advice that the doctors are constantly emphasizing to patients. Despite the idea of walking around feeling counterintuitive when you’re in so much pain during your recovery, walking is the best way to speed up and improve the healing process.


Thank you Renee for sharing your amazing story and for speaking out for c-section Mothers! You’re so right – c-sections are a life-saving intervention and you are a great example of why all c-section Mommies should be very proud of their experiences!


XO, Seni's Mom



  • April 25, 2017
  • Swati Davidson
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