Meet Nicole: When Birth Plans Suddenly Change



While Nicole’s first son Chris was delivered naturally, plans changed with the birth of her second son. In fact, she explains that “I went into the situation never even having a C-Section cross my mind.” This is most often the case with many casarean births. Mom-to-Be enters the hospital with a specific birth plan and, due to unforeseen complications during the birth process, suddenly they are faced with swift emergency surgical intervention.


In Nicole’s case, her son Karter’s heart beat dropped dramatically with each contraction. He was also stuck in her birth canal and, as he became more exhausted, doctors feared for his safety. It was immediately evident that a c-section was absolutely necessary.



Nicole’s recovery process was challenging. She recalls the first night being “horrible, but the next day was much better.” She credits her improvement to getting up and walking around a lot. Despite the feeling that your body needs rest after major surgery, doctors urge patients to walk around in the days following the procedure. In spite of the extremely pain felt during ambulation, this is the best way to improve the overall recovery process.


Part of her motivation to recover as best as she could was her important role as a Mother. “With a family of five, I couldn’t be down for too long.”


Nicole’s advice to new c-section Mommies? “GET UP AND WALK!!!” She also advises to take minimal pain meds, as long as you can manage it.


Since c-section patients have undergone trauma to the system, including the digestive system, they inevitably experience painful side effects such as gas, constipation, bloating and difficulty digesting certain foods. Nicole laughs and says, “the gas pains are the wost and if you can get up and let it out, you’ll thank me!”


She also advocates the use of a compression garment, claiming that it was her best investment. “It definitely helped with my tummy control.” YES! I agree with this – it is definitely a game changer.


Thank you Nicole for sharing your story with new c-section Mommies. If Nicole can do it with a family of 5, I’d say following her advice is a win-win!


XO, Seni's Mom



  • April 20, 2017
  • Swati Davidson
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