Meet Lindsey: Miracle Via C-Section



Meet Lindsey and her Valentine’s baby boy, Logan! Talk about the best love ever on this holiday!



Lindsey endured an astounding 26 hours of labor before doctor’s required c-section surgery to deliver her sweet boy. Like many c-sections, it was truly life saving as they discovered that the umbilical cord was wrapped around poor Logan’s neck TWICE! He was also “sunny side up” (meaning he was facing the wrong way as he tried to make his way out) which caused him to become stuck on his Mommy’s pelvic bone.


Hearing stories like this helps many who haven’t undergone c-sections really understand why they are so necessary.


Lindsey was very fortunate in her recovery process as well. She explains that she was “in very little pain after the first couple of days and was fully recovered by the 6-week check in.” Her scar was minimal and the swelling above it had completely gone away. This is not only hopeful to many new c-section Mommies, but also a great testimonial to how a positive outlook can go a long way in the recovery process!


Her advice to new c-section Mommies? “Make sure to take it easy and listen to your body.” Well said! While she attempted short walks in the first weeks, she remained in tune with her body and allowed herself to stop and wait another week to try again when it seemed too challenging.


“Also, accept help from others.” Lindsey had the amazing support of her own Mother which allowed her to rest, heal and nurse her little one while her Mom helped the family out with things like cooking, cleaning and diaper changing.


She also suggests investing in a TV tray! Since you are essentially confined to the couch some days and nursing around the clock, having a TV tray “right next to you to keep things like water, medication, cell phone, snacks” is super handy. Noted! I’ll be ordering one shortly before my upcoming Cesarean.


Lindsey’s story is not only packed with helpful tidbits, but her account of her recovery truly cuts down on the overwhelm of the experience.


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  • April 11, 2017
  • Swati Davidson
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