Get Ready Quickly (for busy ladies... and Moms)


Rush rush rush.  Tired tired tired.  Sound like you?


Makeup?  Do you even have time or even energy for that?


Of course, Mama!  You don’t need to glam it up, but if you can spare 5 minutes by distracting a toddler with something or asking the hubs for a “bathroom break,” then you can do this.


Get Ready Quickly Moms


The Basic Essentials


Yes, I know this is a redundant title. This is intentional.


Now I promise I won’t even waste your time with a long & drawn out post.  I’ll get to the point in this one!


What I Use



3 words, sister: Concealer Concealer Concealer.  Get that undereye area good.  


I use 2 products:  RMS Uncover and Vert Beauty Concealer Stick.  The latter is lighter and the first is not as light.


Hey, it works.  Plus, both don’t dry skin or crack later and the RMS is actually very hydrating.  Yessssssss!  (Post on undereyes alone coming later this week)



I use Alima Pure because it is full-coverage and acts like a foundation and powder in one.  It’s a win-win for your skin.



You can skip this if you want or if you're blessed with a darker complexion, but I use it to give my tired face a QUICK burst of color.  No time for contouring here, just color on the cheeks and a quick brush all around my face.


I use Jane Iredale (which is pressed and has a bronzer and a blush if you find yourself with an extra 10 seconds).



If you’re anything like me, you need eyebrows.  Like badly.


So I use Eco Brow.  Eyebrows will frame your face and really do wonders when you have no time.



At the very least, curl them.  If that’s all you can fit in, this is a MUST.  It makes your eyes pop and make you look like you got a few extra hours of sleep.

If you have more time, swipe on a coat or two.  I’m using ??? right now.



I use Seni Naturals, of course.  Just scrub your lips and swipe on either the gloss or balm and you’re good to go.  It plumps your lips and makes them nice and shiny.


Non Toxic Lip Gloss Balm and Scrub


That’s it!


I’ll post my undereye weapons in a few days. Until then, smile!


XO, Seni's Mom



  • January 24, 2017
  • Swati Davidson
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