Dry Skin Solutions (Part 3: Chapped Lips & Eczema)


There’s nothing worse than dry or chapped lips – the worst!  Well maybe one thing: slathering on nasty or cheap products that not only don’t solve the issue long term, but are probably not that great for you since you are probably swallowing them bit by bit along the way…


Perfect Lips Scrub Gloss Non-Toxic


And dry patchy skin?  Ugh, forget about it.  Another joy brought to you not just by winter, but by your traitor hormones.


Speaking of dry skin, did you catch Parts 1 & 2 last week?  We covered treating your parched dry skin on your body and belly as well as your.  If not, read Part 1 (dry body & belly) HERE and Part 2 (face & eyes) HERE and then join us back here for Part 3.


Today, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re covering dry and chapped lips as well as patches of dry skin like eczema.  Winter is a breeding ground for these ailments, am I right?


Make sure your pout is always kissable and you’re eternally free of dry skin patches with our tips, advice and info!


Dry or Chapped Lips


Do you kiss your baby with that mouth?  We certainly hope so!  But we also want your lips to be safe, in addition to nice and kissable.


Tip:  Scrub your lips first thing in the morning (when you are washing your face) prior to applying your first round of lip healers, protectants & glosses.  This creates a nice smooth pallet for your gloss.  Also, don’t forget to drink LOTS AND LOTS of water!


What I use:  Seni Naturals Pucker Scrubs and Kissy Lip Shine are my go-tos.  Although I don’t scrub my lips more than once a day (unless I’m going to an event, in which case I do it prior to applying makeup), I use Kissy Lip Shine throughout the day.  If I’m on the go, I always have my more portable Kissy Lip Balm on hand in my wallet for more convenience.


Can’t choose between Mint or Citrus?  Mint is a little more tingly, even plumping, but contains no color.  It also freshens your kiss.  Citrus, on the other hand, has a hint of pink. (i.e., my hubby does NOT use the Citrus, but loves the Mint!)


Lip Scrub Gloss Balm Toxin Free


Why:  Natural butters and healing oils provide bursts of hydration and vitamins while Vitamin E heals and repairs.  You’ll find no nasty petroleum products, cheap derivatives or artificial colors, flavors or fragrances in them.  Plus, the Pucker Scrub uses gently organic sugar and contains butters rather than petroleum products.


Patches of Dry Skin (or Even Eczema)


You know, when I was pregnant with Seni I had my first experience with eczema.  A large patch of random and unexplainable dry skin on my left forearm.  No idea why…


Then, when Seni was 10 months old, I took her to Hong Kong to visit my Dad & Stepmother.  After 10 months of strictly using only the safest, most natural and homemade detergents, I mindlessly ran a load of her dirties in commercial detergent.  I didn’t think anything of it until I got back home and the jet lag wore off.   There she was, covered in horrifying red patches of allergic reactions galore.


Luckily, we had an arsenal of Healing Face & Body Balm….(formerly called Healing Baby Balm)…


Eczema C-Section Scars Dry Skin Pregnancy


Tip:  Use on your hands, feet, cuticles and any dry areas that need extra love.  It works on so much MORE than eczema and diaper rash!


Word of Caution:  It contains a high amount of butters so you should allow it to soak in for a bit.  It’s more drenching than your average lotion.


What I use:  As I mentioned before, Seni Naturals Healing Face & Body Balm.  (NOTE: it used to sell under the name “Healing Baby Balm” as a baby-only product, but has been repackaged with the same soothing formula)


Why:  It works!  With rich butters and oils along with a organic beeswax, it does the trick on dry skin patches.  It has so many uses and is our household go-to from scars (even c-section!) to red and dry skin ailments to weird baby rashes.



Please, ask away!  We’re here for you as always.  Until next time!


XO, Seni's Mom







  • December 14, 2016
  • Swati Davidson
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