Dry Skin Solutions (Part 2: Face & Eyes)


Did you catch Part 1 earlier this week? It covers treating your parched dry skin on your body and belly.  If not, read it HERE and join us back here for Part 2.


Today, we’re covering dry skin on your face, which applies to even oily types such as me.  In fact, treating winter skin is crucial even with more hormonal related and acne-prone skins as you need to balance out sebum production within your skin and avoid the formation of lines and other skin issues.  Let’s get into it now.


Dry Face and Under Eyes Winter Pregnancy


Dry Face


Now I’m an oily t-zone person, even in the winter.  But year-round that doesn’t stop me from using oils on my skin.  It took me until the last couple years to overcome my skepticism and doubts, but now I’m a lifer when it comes to facial serums.

Yes, they hydrate and repair, especially when used overnight on aging or dry skin.  However, they also balance out oil production and regulate acne-causing bacteria for oily and acne-prone skins.


Face Serum Pregnancy Hormones Aging Dry Skin Non-Toxic


Tip:  Apply them immediately after washing your face and applying toner – apply before toner actually dries to aid in absorption and efficacy of both toner and serum.


Word of caution:  I love really slathering it on at nighttime, but a little does go a long way.  There’s nothing wrong with heavy use at night (meaning, you won’t break out as a result of it), but it’s just not necessary and is a waste of serum and money.


However, during the day I wear make up and get oily.  So I use a much smaller amount before applying my BB creams and makeup. Also, allow it to soak in for a few minutes before applying beauty products.


What I use:  Seni Naturals Correcting Serum, twice a day (once in the morning and once at night)


Why:  It contains Rosehip which is great for both aging and hormone related conditions such as acne and splotching. It also treats brown spots and scarring.  The Oat Extract also soothes dry skin gently.  There’s also a touch of Vitamin E – enough to increase elasticity and deeply hydrate, but not enough to cause overproduction of oils on the face.


Correcting Serum is loaded with Essential Oils such as Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Chamomile and Rose Otto.  The delicate balance has been specifically formulated to address a variety of issues concerning women:  Aging from fine lines to wrinkles, brown spots, scarring, acne, texture and tone and inflammation.


Dry Undereyes


Dry winter climates are tricky times when the delicate undereye area can really lead to the formation of those pesky lines and wrinkles.  So extra close attention is definitely a necessity this winter season.


Eye Serum Dry Skin Aging Pregnancy Hormones


Tips & Advice:  Follow the same train of thought as the Tips and Advice given above.  You’ll want apply it extra lightly in the morning, really pat into skin well and allow to completely dry before applying your makeup.


What I use:  Seni Naturals Deeply Hydrating Eye Serum, twice a day (once in the morning and once at night)


Why:  The Deeply Hydrating Eye Serum also contains Rosehip Oil along with Argan, Apricot Seed and Avocado Oils help to plump up lines and smooth the delicate undereye area as well.  It also treats the tone and texture, which comes in handy after those sleepless nights.


It’s also loaded with additional antioxidants and vitamins thanks to Carrot Seed, Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils.  They aggressively address aging, provide a natural source of SPF and brighten the overall area.


Have Questions?


Please keep them coming! No matter what the topic, we are here to help.  Thanks to your questions, we’re able to tailor our posts, live videos and blogs to address your specific needs.


Until next time, lots of love.


XO, Seni's Mom



  • December 09, 2016
  • Swati Davidson
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