Banish Undereye Circles (the New Mommy Edition) 


If I had a quarter for every all-nighter I pulled in my college years and 20’s….well, that’s for another blog post.


But nothing compared to the tiredness I feel later in life after sleepless nights with a baby. Well, it’s for a much better cause, right? 


Here is a quick post on how I get rid of the tired bags in a hurry.


How to Erase Dark Circles Under Eyes Easy Quick



The Crucial Details


I am hopelessly devoted to using these three products daily to brighten my undereye area.  PLUS: they’re green, safe and super duper effective.


I’m not kidding, nothing in my previously un-green life can compare.  And I’ve used them all!


You see, I’m genetically predisposed to bags under my eyes.  My Mom (bless her heart) seems to know how to point that fact out to me.  And quite often.


Step 1:

Hydrate and brighten with Seni Naturals Deeply Hydrating Eye Serum.  I use more at night to repair, but less in the morning as it is oil-based and I need the concealer to stick.


After applying lightly, I gently pat it in and allow it to dry for a couple moments.


The blend of essential oils (like carrot seed, lavender, frankincense and lemon) has a powerful effect as it hydrates, smoothes and brightens.


Step 2:

Draw upside down triangle shapes of my Vert Beauty Concealer Stick (2 shades lighter) under my eyes.  Don’t blend it in yet!  Just draw for now.


Step 3:

Dip my ring finger in RMS Uncover Up (I use 22 which is a shade lighter) and blend it in over my Vert triangles.  The results are natural, smooth and won’t crack or crease over the course of the day.


Step 4 (optional):

If it’s been one of those nights, I repeat Steps 2 and 3 again or later on in the day as I grow more and more tired.


That’s it! Quick, huh?


Seriously, give this a try if you experience any of the following: bags that you can’t seem to hide, creasing or cracking during the day, flakiness, those raccoon looking eyes you get from putting on too much product…


Hey I’ve been there with my old arsenal.  You don’t have to deal with it!


Until next time, sleep well and smile!


XO, Seni's Mom


  • January 26, 2017
  • Swati Davidson
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